10 Quotes to Help Keep It In Perspective

We’ve all been there, wondering if life and work will ever let up- maybe we’ve even found ourselves scouring the internet at 1AM for tips to de-stress, or what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed. While we all cope differently, sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way in honing our time management skills.

With that in mind, here are 10 quotes for dealing with the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes funny, sometimes helpful, these quotes have always helped us keep our cool:

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Take Back Your Weekends: Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity

It’s a weird concept to grasp, but shockingly enough, most of us find that our weekends are more stressful than our weekdays. And this isn’t a new problem either – there’s actually data going back almost thirty years that illustrates this dilemma.

So, why is everyone so stressed on the weekends?  Why aren’t we relaxing and recuperating from our work week?  The studies pinpointed several causes, but emphasized a lack of organization and unexpected problems that we are underqualified to solve as the major causes of this stress creation.  An article by Time Magazine addresses this subject specifically:

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10 Free Time Management Tools That Will Change the Way You Work

In the past 10 years technology has made many processes more efficient and transparent, but managing our lives in this digital age can still be overwhelming.  On a daily basis we’re inundated with emails, notifications, status updates, and reminders.  For these and many other reasons, we wanted to share a list of the best apps for eliminating wasted time, simplifying daily routines, and providing useful information about work habits.

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5 Tips to Conduct More Effective Meetings in Less Time


Meetings can be a huge time suck- and we’re not afraid to say it. In the US alone, there are 11 million formal business meetings each day and we waste an estimated $37 Billion in unnecessary meetings every year. Often it’s a nightmare just to set up a meeting in the first place. But since meetings are a necessary evil, it’s crucial that we find ways to keep life and the chaotic schedule of the outside world in sync, while also making every second count.

Here are a few practical, actionable tips to help you conduct more effective meetings in less time.

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