How You Can Use Skejul- Customer Testimonials

What is Skejul?

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find a mutually agreeable meeting time, wary of sharing your calendar, or gotten confused managing a work and personal calendar, Skejul is the solution.

In seconds you can set up a meeting without sharing your private information, sending emails back and forth, or listing all of your availability. A dynamic calendar in the cloud, Skejul does for your calendar what Twitter does for news.

Turn your commitments into content that people can act on. Watch our 1 minute video above to see all the ways Skejul will simplify your future.

“The Best Solution for the Ongoing Challenge of Managing Multiple Schedules”

Having worked in the mortgage industry for 18 years, Doug was spending too much time managing his multiple calendars and coordinating with his staff and clients. When we introduced him to Skejul, he was blown away by it’s applicability to his role specifically and to individuals in general.

“In my industry we have everything from buyers, real estate agents, title companies… all these different people involved in a transaction. [Skejul] is just the best way to keep us all on the same page.”

Then we asked how it compared to his current method of managing commitments, “It’s the best solution I’ve found!”

“Vital for realtors like myself…”

As a real estate broker, Julie is scheduling showings for her clients every day. Because it’s a very time consuming task to match availabilities for multiple parties, Julie told us, “It’s one of the least favorite things that I do, actually.”

Speculating on how often she has to rework her schedule because of last minute changes, she explained that many weeks she works 80 hours simply to manage her calendar. “Having a system that would help do that for me could save me some time and give me some more rest!”

After speaking briefly with the Skejul team about the software, she immediately confirmed that it will be important to her work. “It’s something that would be a vital part for realtors like myself who are trying to show things and do different things with their family.”